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Alan Davis grew up in Louisiana near the mouth of the Mississippi and later moved to Denver, just east of the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains, where he earned a Ph.D. at the University of Denver. He now lives in Minnesota. 


"I kept thinking that I wouldn't mind ending up as a character in one of his stories. Odds are, he'd do me justice." -Dorothy Allison, New York Times Book Review


"A magical collection of stories, one of the best I've encountered in years. It's hard to convey my enthusiasm for this book -- all the ordinary adjectives of praise seem trite and inadequate. But as personal testimony, I can say that I was tremendously moved and enlightened by each story, and that the collection as a whole lingers in my memory like a hometown - a place I once lived in and once loved." Tim O'Brien


"He has an original talent, a feel for action, a sparse yet vivid style, a sharp satirical sense, a keen eye and ear for the follies of the age." -Walker Percy


His three collections of stories are So Bravely Vegetative, winner of The Prize Americana for Fiction; Alone with the Owl and Rumors from the Lost World are both winners of the MVP Competition. His stories and essays have appeared in The Sun, The Quarterly, The Hudson Review, The North Dakota Quarterly, South Dakota Review, Image, Kansas Quarterly, Denver Quarterly, Great River Review, Cream City Review, Chattahoochee Review, Consequence: A Literary Magazine Addressing War in the 21st Century, Facing the Change: Personal Encounters with Global Warming, Mental Shoes, and many others.


"Moving easily between blue-collar types and Social Register summer people, New Age dancers and Old World immigrants, underground poets and Elvis freaks, Davis demonstrates an impressive range in this collection."

-Kirkus Reviews


"There is magic in a world that still somehow seems devoid of magic." -Publishers Weekly

He’s co-editor of Visiting Bob: Poems Inspired by the Life and Work of Bob Dylan (2018). He also co-edited 10 editions of American Fiction: The Best Unpublished Short Stories by Emerging Writers (1988-1999), which Writer's Digest chose during his tenure as one of the top 15 places to publish fiction in the United States.

You can read here a story from Clouds Are the Mountains of the World.


The first chapter of his novel The Theater of the Invisible Guests can be found here.

A Professor at Minnesota State University (1985-2016) and Senior Editor at New Rivers Press (2002-2016), he lives in the Upper Midwest near the Mississippi's headwaters, where he’s at work on those two books and a third, The Never-Ending Book. He has also taught at the University of North Carolina (1981-1985) and at low-residency MFA programs in Maine (Stonecoast, 2003-2009) and Connecticut (Fairfield University, 2012-2021). 


He has received a Loft-McKnight Award of Distinction in Creative Prose, a Minnesota State Arts Board Fellowship, a Fulbright to Slovenia, a Fulbright-Hays Grant to Indonesia, and other distinctions. Besides his teaching career cited above, he has taught workshops, seminars, and given readings at numerous universities and colleges, bookstores and other venues in the United States, Great Britain (England, Scotland, and Wales), Ireland, Slovenia and Norway. He has led or co-led numerous student study tours to Ireland, Great Britain, Iceland, and western Europe. 

You can follow him here on Facebook. He works as a mentor and editor with emerging writers. Contact him for more information or to schedule a reading, workshop, seminar, mentorhip, or consultation.